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4 ways to eat healthier on a busy schedule!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As a full time business owner, blog writer and still working part time, I understand that life can get away from us sometimes, we opt for the most convenient and often most comforting foods that we have, who can blame us after such a busy day, who wants to cook?... but we shouldn't suffer, luckily we don't have to, using 5 of my best tips to keep eating well, keep progressing with your goals and free up some time for a bit of R&R maybe?

Lets Dig in!

#1 - Prep for the week ahead!

Make a list of breakfast's lunches and dinners that you want to eat for the week, stick to things that can be made all in one batch or with minimal equipment, this can include things like;

  • One pan/tray meals

  • Slow cooked meals

  • Tinned foods

  • Overnight oats

  • left overs/Making enough for the next day

Keeping a list of easy, go to meals will make your life much easier when you get busier and will reduce your stress substantially

#2 - Slow cookers are your friend

From authentic vegetarian curries to hearty stews, slow cookers are perfect for busy people, shove all your ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning, turn it on low, and when you get home in the evening dinner is cooked while you have enough left over for the day after!

  • Meats

  • Root vegetables

  • Lentils

  • Chickpeas

  • Sauces

  • Beans

"You cant smash your business and be a mum or dad on 1000kcal a day." - Joe Wicks

#3 - Organize your weekly shop

When I started basing my shopping on meals I wanted that week, my food shop became a lot less cluttered, I was a bit more aware of the things going in the trolley, my food bill was a bit less than usual and throughout the whole week id saved so much in time, felt great because id been eating properly and was still heading towards my goals!

  • Make a list of meals you want to eat that week

  • Organize the meals into ingredients you need

  • Make your shopping list

if you're a snacky person, factor that in, get some snacks that you know are within your calories and get enough for the week!

#4 - Keep it simple!

I get it, your a unit, your on a health kick, you want to do it all, pomegranate and duck salads and eggs benedict.. now let me stop you there, your a busy person, when life gets complicated we need to simplify, which is something people seem to have a problem with, but simple is strong, simple is consistent and simple is delicious and over complicating food when your struggling to eat well as it is, is a recipe for disaster.

  • Protein: meats/eggs/tofu/beans/peas

  • Carbs: wholegrain breads/pastas/rice/potatoes

  • Veg: all of them

  • Fruits: all of them

  • Fats: rapeseed oil/frylight

  • Snacks: Whatever you would usually have for snacks, just observe portions

"Simple food, cooked simply, can be the comfort we all need when life is a bit hectic." - Hamish McCauley

That's about it really!

  • Plan the meals and snacks you are going to eat and shop for those.

  • eat more one pan/slow cooked meals.

  • Make enough for 2 portions.

  • Keep the food we're eating simple.

be sure to leave a comment on your favourite meal to cook when life is a bit too busy!

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