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Local events in the area!

Arnold sports festival!

Located at the NEC in Birmingham, a stones throw away from Coventry. 23rd - 25th of September

Basically a hub for everything activity and sports wise, the weekend is going to be filled with likeminded people and an energy that only the fitness community can muster, doesn't matter if you are a seasoned fitness veteran or you have just started your fitness journey, there is so much that will be going down, Martial arts competitions, Rock climbing, body building competitions, strongman events, arm wrestling and so much more so be sure not to miss it!

I had the amazing opportunity to travel down there last year in 2021 and I can tell you the atmosphere was incredible and can't wait to get back this year, everyone was so friendly, energetic and there is a good chance you will see some famous faces as well, so if your not too sure what sort of thing you might be into, this is a perfect way to get down and have a look, because if it exists, it's probably going to be here!

Gymshark run club

Located again in Birmingham every second Wednesday of every month.

Gymshark is a big fitness company that can sometimes be bias towards a specific type of content in their marketing, however they have done a lot to push fitness into the mainstream media. for better and worse, they have an amazing gym with great equipment, and they also run a run club! Did I tell you that it's free? no? well it's free!

Let's Paddle!

I don't know about you but sometimes I just fancy doing something a bit different, with this being right on your doorstep it seems like a great opportunity to do just that, running twice per month there's good reason to get down there, run by some wonderful people, what a fantastic way to get a little more activity into your life!

Guided off-road evening hike around Alvechurch (5.5miles)

You know I bang on about walking, well did you think it would escape my blog post? never! hiking is great come on! great air, great people, located in Meriden it is the perfect escape for us city folk, even if its just for a short time, the fact is, getting outdoors and walking around undoes so much damage and stress that our body goes through!

And they have many more locations to choose from so you are not limited.

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